UFO Photos (2012)

UFO photos are intriguing to almost everyone. Whether you belive in UFO's or not you have to wonder.

This is an introductory depiction of what the skeptics believed of the UFOs that visited the lost city of Atlantis. They say that Atlantis was linked with Alien invasions, before it was destroyed by the flood and earthquakes.

The ancient aliens were supposed to be the reason that Atlantis was so advanced even considering it to today's technology.To read about the proof of Aliens Click here .

This photo was captured by an Italian boy named Tomas Bruscio in Turin, Italy on 2nd of February 2012.

This came after many people claimed to have seen strange lights in the middle of night. According to resources, the object in this image is the one what people believed to have seen.

The above photo was taken in Newcastle, England at 11:30 am by a passerby. This is one of the photos that many believed to be linked with UFO sightings that happened in Manchester earlier in the year

This photo comes from Australia and was taken by 'unknown source' in late February.

UFO sightings in Australia have not been publicized often in news and the Government is taking a 'hush' approach on this matter. In early 90's there have been thousands of sightings of UFOs but all cases were rejected by being taken as a hoax.

Out of the many 2012 sightings the above sighting is one of the most prominent one in 2012 and is being the talking point of many UFO enthusiasts and UFOLOGISTS because of its clarity and the relationship with other UFO sightings over the years.

The picture comes from Nevada, USA and was taken by John H. Baptiste in early February.

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