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Hangzhou Sighting

UFO sightings happened in China which shut airports. UFO sightings are very common nowadays. Aliens from Venus and Mars are visiting us. Strange UFO sightings and Aliens are happening everywhere in the world.

UFO sightings keep on increasing these day. UFO books and movies are increasing and it seems Aliens are going to take our planet. UFO sightings are improving every day. This is Weird and Strange.

Its one of the most famous latest UFO Sightings. An unidentified flying object (UFO) forced Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China to cease operations on July 7. It caused flight delays and all the planes to divert.the question is


UFO's identity has not been released yet. According to the government it said "It is a hidden U.S. bomber flying toward China," Some people wrote "In my opinion, the UFO is neither a U.S. missile nor a Russian satellite. According to the Chinese officials it said "Everyone, use your head. This is clearly a man-made phenomenon. Would the U.S. or Russia risk provoking China's anger by firing a missile or satellite rocket in Chinese skies, without warning? I believe the Chinese military is responsible for the UFO. It is a new missile or aircraft being tested out." Some Residents of the Hangzhou province took photos of a hovering object bathed in golden light and exhibiting a comet-like tail. Less than an hour before the Xiaoshan airport shut down, residents said they also saw a flying object emitting red and white rays of light. Resident Ma Shijun was taking a nighttime stroll with his wife when he saw the object

"I felt a beam of light over my head. Looking up, I saw a streak of bright, white light flying across the sky, so I picked up the camera and took the photo. The time was 8:26 p.m. However, whether the object was a plane, or whether it was Xiaoshan Airport's UFO, I don't have a clear answer,"Ma told the Xinhua news agency.


UFO's identity remains a mystery.Im sure the Governments of the world are covering the matters up because it will open gates to a new perspective of human thinking in a way it changes all the politics of the world towards each other. SO they are covering up most of the latest UFO sightings. A spokesperson confirmed the news agencies around the world that the matter is under consideration and the report is not yet final yet but some other sources also said the report has already been finalised but the Government is not filing the report since it has military connection. Some researchers who are covering the latest UFO sightings from the Beijing UFO Research Society before their research on this particular case said

"We have several places to visit on our agenda, including the Xiaoshan Airport and the CAAC East China Regional Administration The director of the Shanghai UFO Investigative Research Center, Lou Jinhong, told the news agencies. "I cannot offer an opinion on this case, because we have not yet collected all the relevant documents and data. It's not clear how long the investigation will take." The Hangzhou incident comes after a string of most latest UFO sightings in China. On June 30, residents in Xinjiang province saw a flying object bathed in a fan of white light. Sightings have also been reported in Hunan, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces.



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